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 REGRESSION - REGRESOTHERAPY  (according to Jan Erik Sigdell's method)

is a non-hypnotic method by which I enable you to travel into your recent or distant past.

So I can take you into early childhood, prenatal, past lives, 

with the purpose of discovering the causes of traumatic events and karmic connections (action - reaction / cause - effect),which affect your current life.


Therapy Session

Have you ever wondered or felt any of the following :

  • Do you want to explore your past and find the answers you've been looking for for a long time?

  • Do you feel that the answers you are looking for lie in your past, waiting to be revealed to you?

  • Do you want to know why something happens or keeps happening to you and where the cause lies?

  • Do you want to understand the relationships in which you "found yourself"?

  • Are you interested in where and what you were in your previous lives, and what you did there?

  • Do you feel that your past_lives are somehow attracted to you?

* Then you are in the right place *

How could we get a broader insight, understanding into life cause and effect - karma?

Who are we? Where have we been? Where are we going?

Why do I have different fears, blockages, challenges...than you?

Why do certain things keep happening to me and how can I understand connect with certain people?

Such and similar questions led me on the path of research and learning. Through regression therapy, I got insight into many connections and answers to my questions. Do you want answers too?

My education led me on the path regresoterapije according to the method of Dr. Jan Erik Sigdella, who is an internationally recognized regression therapist with his own long-term practice of performing_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b5cc-136d58d58d57bad1000_more_thousands 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_regression. His regression method is based on Bryan Jameison's technique, which he also upgraded with his many years of experience. Bryan Jameison is a Ph.D. Jan gave his regression method to Erik Sigdell, with permission to teach and implement it throughout Europe. 

dr. Jan Erik Sigdell no longer works in this field, as he has already retired. His teaching and training for regression therapists was handed over to Vesna Božič Mauko, with whom I also trained. 


More about Dr. Jan Erik Sigdell >>> 

More about Vesna Božič Mauko >>>

Read more about the regression itself >>> here


according to the method of Jan Erik Sigdell-a 


A good number of individual regressions have been successful behind me and together we have walked through the extensive timeline of your past. 

Experiences and experiences with you are indescribable, and there is also deep gratitude,

that I can be a bridge for you through which you can get insight and answers to your questions. 

Individual regression can be quite a long time

and a very intensive process,

which offers a broad and in-depth insight into the individual and his experiences.

Of course, it also depends on the individual,

how deeply he is prepared for insight itself.

In my experience with clients so far,

the duration of the regression is on average 3h 

(of course it can be less or more).

We make an agreement according to your request

for a suitable appointment / date and everything necessary.

Price of individual regression: €100

(valid from 9/6/2022)

After your request, we will determine a free appointment together. When enquiring, please indicate which part of the day suits you better (morning or afternoon) so that we can coordinate your wishes and needs as soon as possible. Free appointments are available every day from Monday to Friday. I generally do not perform individual regressions on Saturdays and Sundays (exceptionally, if you really can't during the week).

Download the word document below:Description / instructions - regression therapy, to prepare for the meeting itself.

It can also happen:

Sometimes it can happen that the regression itself does not occur. They say that there is a higher power that knows best why something is the way it is, even if we don't understand it yet. We can wish for something, but the right time for it has not yet arrived. The divine plan cannot be interfered with, let alone changed or accelerated. We always "get" only as much as we are ready to carry / accept / process... we always get what we really need for our development.

  You can e.g. it happens that you have to cancel your appointment right before.

If this happens, please let me know as soon as possible and of course you have no other obligations.

If you want a second appointment at the same time, please let me know.

If the meeting happens and the regression itself fails - this means that after 1 hour of effort, we are unable to break through the blockages and are thus denied insight into your past,the service is charged in full, but I offer you one more service option within 6 months from the date of the failed regression  .

Sometimes you may have some other information or something else waiting for you at my place - what you need most at a given moment. A lot is revealed to us already in the previous conversation, which we have before the regression itself, 

even after the regression, we end our meeting with a conversation.


I do not recommend or even advise against regression / regression therapy:

- if you are prescribed strong drugs and take them regularly (psychotics, antidepressants)

 namely, this can affect the regression itself or it may not even occur 

- if you have psychological problems, depression and similar medical conditions 

- you are taking any stimulants (even coffee and the like are not recommended before the regression itself)


Download the word document for pre-preparation for regressotherapy.

Click on



   Have you already had regression / regression therapy with me?  

Do you want to describe or evaluate your experience?

Want to give your opinion? 


- click on the button below

- download word doc.

- fill out

- send 

according to the method of Jan Erik Sigdell-a 

Group regression it can be a kind of preparation for individual regression, as you can get an insight into the technique itself and it is at the same time a less intensive process than individual regression - but it is not necessary, as there is no rule (some people can experience experiences very strongly). In this way, you can also check how "ready" you are for such a trip to explore your past. If meditation, yoga and the like is your regular practice, you can expect "easier" access to information this way / through this technique. In group regression, I usually guide you to key events in your past that affect your current life or to one previous life in order to discover the causes of traumatic events and karmic connections (cause-effect), which affect your life here and now.


Group regression run:
* first we will go to meet your guide
* I will take you to the childhood of this person, as whom you will relive
* we will go through one meal in that lifetime
* I will lead you into physical contact with another person
* leads to an event where you will experience one very strong emotion
* and then to a situation where you will be with one person who is very close to you
* I will guide you through the process of death itself and then again to the guide, so that you can evaluate the life that you will relive and watch
* and finally we do spiritual healing

If it happens that you don't come to the experience / disclosure / answers through this technique (absolutely nothing), I offer you time to prepare for this journey (meditation and similar "work" on yourself) and take part in a group regression 1x free of charge , when you feel you are ready for it. At the same time, of course, this also applies to past participants (as far as insights did not occur - you could have fallen asleep, had a hard time turning off your mind, doubted...that's why insight was prevented due to your own blockages. In group regression, I lead the group together and we cannot remove individual blockages ). 

If you do not feel ready for such a trip and/or doubt such and similar techniques and/or would come simply out of curiosity, I advise you not to register for this event!!! If you have gained a partial insight, but what is "happening" is not completely clear to you, I advise you to meditate more / read books on similar topics / anything that expands your awareness. The work on yourself and the necessary time will give you the answers you are looking for in the future - keep at it. Answers always come when we are ready to see / accept / process / face them.... ♥ 

Individual regression (regressotherapy) is quite a long and at the same time very intensive process (even several hours). 

During the regression itself you are aware of everything,

because it is carried out in an alpha state (NOT in hypnosis) with a relaxed guided conversation - even the regression you actively participate in yourself. So I can take you to early childhood, prenatal, past lives, 

with the aim of discovering the causes of traumatic events and karmic connections (cause-effect),

which affect your current life.

Facing and reliving events from the past can naturally provide you with a deeper understanding of your current life and insight into many problems, problems and/or challenges for which you have not yet found answers.

Throughout history, there is a lot of evidence that regression therapy is very useful for an individual, because difficult problems find solutions in this way and do not return again.    

Some examples of problems / challenges:

* unexplained conscious or unconscious fears / panic attacks

* repetitive destructive patterns

* difficult mutual relations

* unresolved feelings of guilt

* various blockages

In all likelihood, as much as 90% of our problems originate from the past

 be it from childhood, prenatal period or previous lives, so it is also important,

to "bring them to the surface", to face them and defeat them.

Therefore, before the regression itself, let's first talk and discuss what we will "look for" in the regression itself - 

so let's state the purpose of the regression itself.

Principles of regression therapy:

(summarized by Jan Erik Sigdellhere )

In the regression itself, it is very important to:

* we leave and trust in the course of the regression itself, as it is also guided by the guides and your higher self

* we break through to key and exemplary situations in your past with the aim of reliving it once again and raising awareness

* persist in this situation so that you feel all the present emotions and possible physical sensations

* cancels and heals all negative emotional energies (on a spiritual level)

* check again if there is any negative emotional energy left in the given situation and

repeats the release process if it is still necessary

* discover all conscious and unconscious feelings of guilt and free yourself from them

* become aware of all karmic connections (experience in the past - problem today /

experience of the victim - previous experience of the perpetrator)

* achieves reconciliation with the past, with oneself and with all souls - where necessary

* replaces all liberated negative emotional energies with light energy    

If you are not sure yourself whether individual regression is the right answer to your questions, I definitely recommend you firstgroup regression*

*due to the change of business premises, I can now only accept 2nd person for group regression at the same time.

I recommend that you invite one more person with you. The price for the second person is €60

 If you come alone to the group regression, the price for the 1st person is €40

Send itdemand for group regression

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