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Every day  I try

act like

to be a better person, 

like I was yesterday.

I help those who

who want to understand

who  wish   positive


and to those

who want more of

life and are for it

also ready  

"doing  ".

We are here to

yes consciously 

we transform

your  way of life,

step by step

to the new and better

the present

and consequently

also the future.


I always liked to observe people and study them,

in your own way, of course. I was interested in everything:

why do they act, react, think, fight,

they cry, they laugh...I've always been interested in theirs

the inner "image" and I tried to connect it with the outer "image". Sometimes, of course, it didn't work. I wanted to know

why isn't the world just good and what is "this world" anyway?

I had countless unexplained questions and

I lived my life according to the framework assigned to me by my environment.

Until I asked myself what kind of life I was living and

what kind of life do I want to live and consequently,

with whom do I want to build this life?

Of course, first I had to get to know myself.

All that I thought I was

started to fade with the first question.

Through the arduous path of my self-discovery and

getting to know the world around me, I came to many wonderful people who helped me understand and

showed us the tools we can use to help each other on our journey. They taught me that we are the ones who create our lives. The question is whether we take responsibility for it or leave the "navigation" to others.

With you and for you Karmen Seražin - certified angel therapist and intuitive consultant.



skupinski dogodek

Education and certifications:

The greatest education is, of course, life itself, because our own experiences teach us a lot. 

I offer you:


* Access Bars® treatment

*MTVSS™ body process

* Vision correction body process

* Angel & tarot reading

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