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 MTVSS™ body process  (Molecular Terminal Valence Sloughing System) is one of the most useful and universal body processes of Access Consciousnesswhich is performed by placing the hands on the body over the clothes.

Treatment is used to eliminate almost all places in the body where it does not work properly. 

Reiki Treatment

MTVSS™ (Access Consciousness® body process)

is used to strengthen and stimulate the immune system. It can also be used on individual organs and for the possibility of improving performance:

  • metabolic system and metabolic rate of cells

  • respiratory system

  • electrical system

  • central nervous system

  • digestive system

  • dermal system

  • skeleton

  • lymphatic and hormonal system

  • reproductive system

MTVSS™ can undo all changes in the body that have occurred through time, space, dimensions and realities.


The molecular structure of our body works on the principle of changing valence. As the cellular and molecular systems in the body change valence, our body ages, weakens, and begins to disintegrate. When we introduce different elements into the body through food and breath, gravity causes a change in valence, so that these elements become other substances. The more time we are present in the body with gravity, the more changes in valence occur.


Every time there is a change in valence, it changes the molecular structure of the body. MTVSS™ Body Process

is designed to nullify this process.

In principle, our body's cell structure is renewed every 8 years, but if we perform MTVSS™ on the body

20 – 30 times, the entire structure of the body changes during this period.
The process is extremely powerful on both animals and humans. 

During an MTVSS™ body process - especially when trauma that the body has suffered is being repaired - the person undergoing the process may re-experience that trauma as the body undoes the damage that has been done to it. was done. This feeling can be quite uncomfortable. If the person is willing to experience this discomfort, the final results can be very dramatic, as after the physical processing is completed, the person again feels the comfort and improvement of the condition that years of more traditional treatments failed to bring. Treatment does not just work on your physical well-being, but also changes your life. 

Are you ready to receive more ease into your life?


It can help different people in different ways:

  • strengthens and invigorates the immune system (greater resistance)

  • eliminates / reduces physical pain

  • restores organs 

  • faster regeneration of joints, muscles 

  • helps the physical body during exercise or during exertion (recommended for all athletes)

  • increases the feeling of peace and lightness

  • eliminates fatigue and "congestion"

  • improves life in several areas

  • eliminates many diseases and dysfunctions

What can you expect?

MTVSS™ takes approximately 60 - 90 minutes and is completely safe.

The treatment is performed in a lying position on the energy level with hands placed over the dress. More than 30 different energies are launched that liberate, heal and restore the entire body. This treatment is used to eliminate almost anything where the body is not working properly. 

Many people report that they come to the treatment with a certain physical pain, which "disappears" after the therapy is over. Some experience improvement, while others experience complete elimination of pain. And that's just one of many options for you if you so choose. How can it get any better than that?    

Karmen Seražin -

I invite you to try the MTVSS™ treatment on yourself and allow yourself to choose less physical pain and more ease.

For treatment you can order at

 Choose  MTVSS™ treat yourself or give it as a gift for your loved ones 


Price for 1 individual treatment duration approx.60 – 90 minis €60

You can settle the service in person when you come to the first treatment or transfer TRR ( we will agree when you send your inquiry). If you want to choose 3 or 5 treatments,  I will consider  15% discountwhen renting / paying in advance. 

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