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 VISION CORRECTION body process  Vision correction is an Access Consciousness® body process that helps with various vision problems and is performed energetically by placing the hands over the eyes.
This is a gentle treatment on the eyes that can improve and restore vision, eyes, sinuses and the area around the eyes and is welcome for various injuries and effects of aging.  

Reiki Treatment

Vision correction(Access Consciousness® body process)

is primarily used to enhance inner insight and clarity and general eye sight. It can help to:

  • physical improvement of vision

  • eye health

  • the elimination of the traumas experienced by the eyes

  • changing the molecular structure of damaged eyes 

  • sinus problems

  • more clarity in life in general

Vision correction is a process on the eyes, but it affects everything in life, because everything is connected.

Vision correction is a body process of Access Consciousness that helps us with various vision problems. With a gentle and simple touch, you will be able to open yourself up to seeing, behaving and renewing your eyes and your ability to see. We could see everything and know everything all the time, but we adapted to the environment, imitated it and rejected our potential throughout life, accumulating more and more weight and fixed views on life. Through the process, you will spontaneously free yourself, your body and allow yourself to live. 

Allowing yourself to see at the same time means allowing yourself to know, means being the truth, and means starting to live your life your way.

The physical process Vision correction can improve vision and help in the renewal of the eye area and around the eyes, such as various injuries and the effects of aging. Through the process, we remind the body that it can change all the time, that it does not need to maintain the existing state, we allow it to change and help it to do so.

Are you ready to receive more ease into your life?


What can you expect?

Vision correction treatment takes about 60 minutes and is completely safe.

The treatment is carried out in a lying position on the energy level by placing the hands over the eyes, during which the energies are launched, which can enable a change not only for the eyes, but also liberates and nourishes the entire body. 


PGuardians of the body process Vision correction report a significant improvement in vision or even complete elimination of dioptres.


What else is possible that we couldn't even imagine?

All Access Consciousness bodily processes are designed so that at the same time you can:

  • they invite your body into more lightness

  • they change the whole life, because they remove unnecessary information that we have stored in the cells of the body

  • they open you up to more awareness in all areas

  • enable comprehensive restoration

  • accelerate any regeneration

  • they destroy limitations and projections on the body

  • they unlock awareness of energies

  • nurture

  • they pamper and provide more options for an easy stay

Karmen Seražin -

I invite you to try  Vision correction treatment on yourself and allow yourself to choose more clarity for your vision, behavior and life

For treatment you can order at

 Choose  Vision correction a treatment for yourself or give it as a gift for your loved ones 


Price for 1 individual treatment duration approx.60 – 75 minis €60

You can settle the service in person when you come to the first treatment or transfer TRR ( we will agree when you send your inquiry). If you want to choose 3 or 5 treatments,  I will consider  15% discountwhen renting / paying in advance. 

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