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Know the vibrations of your soul and choose

 ease on your way

"Change yourself first and the world around you will change."

Get to know

your soul

and listen to her...

...this will change your perception of yourself, others and everything that exists.

Our life is a path of great discoveries, if, of course, we carry the desire for it in our hearts. But not everything is a wish -_cc780-5cc78c190 -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ is also awareness, which is difficult to describe, because it is easy fornoutimo in the depth of our soul. To noevasion forces us to search for answers, to search for meaning and truths outside this space and noace. Jaz pravim, da nas poganja nevidna sila, katere ne moremo v popolnosti razumeti, še manj pa jo declare it to be the truth, because everyone finds only their own truth on this path. 

Vsako situacijo lahko spremenimo v uk, kateri nam odkriva drobce modrosti in vpogled v vibracijo naše duše,_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_with which we can influence the quality of our life here and now - noare you seriousnowell we want to. I am here to help you on your journey of discovery and thus contribute one part to your whole, because we are all actually goingnoemo "only" partnoof himself.

With you and for you, Karmen Seražin

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Izkušnje in mnenja drugih za Vibracije duše

Experiences & opinions 

Karmen is a ray of sunshine that embraces with its energy. He knows how to add a personal touch and a spark of playfulness to a professional approach. This makes it truly unique.

My regression experience with her was full of insights, new insights and advice that now make my life easier. Karmen, thank you from the bottom of my heart.To all of you who are stuck somewhere on the way and don't know where to go, I strongly recommend that you contact her. With the right mentor, the path is always easier.

 Didn't -

Individual regression therapy I decided on this experience because for some time I have been tormented by nightmares after the death of a loved one, conflicts, difficult relationships with certain people and because I believe that we are more than that. I wanted to find out if I could be of any help with this. After the therapy, I felt better, lighter...I learned a lot and I think I could have done even more if my body and mind had not resisted. Karmen is a kind, warm-hearted person who, with her energy, prepares you to open up. I would recommend therapy to those who are looking for hidden questions about themselves and something more.

 - Sara -

The group regression was very satisfying for me, I got all the answers to my questions and became aware of why certain things are happening to me in this life. All the sadness and disappointments I experienced in relationships now dissipate after a few days and as a result I feel freer and above all calm and satisfied. During my personal contact with Karmen, I felt a certain warmth that radiates from her outwardly, at the same time a deep peace and a sense of security. I have already recommended this service to a couple of people because I myself was extremely impressed with you and of course your leadership.

 - Vesna -

I ordered an English reading with Karmen on 3 questions, I was mainly interested in the partnership relationship and the business path. When I got the insight, everything fit like crazy with the current situation, Karmen hit the spot and gave useful information on how to solve it. The prediction is relevant even now, a year later, when I found myself in a similar situation (because I didn't conscientiously complete the tasks, but rested a little on my laurels) and I am again reading and following the advice and cleaning up my relationships. I also had a numerology analysis done and it is great for personal growth and insights, I have it printed on my bedside table and important information is underlined, and with every reading I discover something new. So I really recommend it.

- Matthew -

The regression made a very good impression on me. Quite a few things related to the present life became clear to me and calmed me down. I especially became aware of the relationship with two people who mean a lot to me. I also got confirmations for my thoughts and feelings about them. Contact with you was pleasant and reassuring. I am very satisfied and I am happy to recommend this service to others, as I believe that it is a great help in personal hardships for which we cannot find a rational explanation.

 - Spela -

The soul can perceive and knownoas they see our onoi,

therefore, in fact, our way of research

new possibilities, never endingnoi.

This is my truth, which does not mean that it is yours too - Karmen Seražin

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