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 ACCESS BARS®  is a wonderful and relaxing treatment, where with  the gentle touch of 32 points on your head, I allow you to delete  the limitations that prevent you from living a more relaxed, relaxed life and unlimited.

Si pripravljen/a odkleniti nove možnosti v svojem življenju?  Kaj če bi začel/a že danes?


Access BarsⓇ ti can help:

( Basic Access Consciousness® technique )

• to have clearer thoughts

• better motivation

• abundantly increases joy and happiness

• for deeper relaxation

• with insomnia

• in anxiety and depression

• for health and weight

• in case of stress and overload

• with migraines

• panic attacks

• in obsessive-compulsive disorder

and many more could be listed

What is or are Access BarsⓇ?

Access BarsⓇ is a set of 32 points on the head that, when gently touched, stimulate positive changes in the brain and disperse the electromagnetic components of stress, thoughts and emotions. This gentle, non-invasive technique releases physical and mental blockages stored in the body and brings greater relaxation to various areas of life. By activating the points, all the charges trapped in the brain and body are released. Energy is freed and released, and in this way space is created for new possibilities. bb3b-136bad5cf58d_they begin to erase all thoughts, feelings, emotions, blockages, automatisms, limitations... which can be: false beliefs, projections, expectations, judgments, programs taken over, difficult emotions, fears, regrets, guilt and much more, which prevents us, in order to move forward in a certain area of life.  

Each point represents a specific area in your life. By gently touching these points, we access and erase energy blockages / restrictions from the subconscious, in various areas of our life, which include, for example:_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ healing, awareness, control, creativity, communication, calmness, creating different connections and life forms, sadness, happiness, money, space, time...etc

With Access Bars® treatment / therapy, we literally erase all the "material" that we have stored life after life. In all this, we do not need to know what we have left behind and there is no need to face our past. During a single therapy, you can also remove up to 5,000 or up to 10,000 years old records that limit you in your daily life. 

How can it get any better than that?

The activation of "bars" affects both our consciousness and our subconscious. Therefore, in the subconscious   we access and delete our previous blockages / restrictions (this and previous  lives), and then we bring changed states into awareness more easily and build our lives with more ease, on new foundations. Once the "bars" have been activated, they will release / cleanse / unlock the energy stored in them for the rest of their lives. This, of course, brings us more opportunities for changes in our lives. The speed of changes also depends on the frequency of receiving the Access bars® treatment, of course. The more treatments, the faster the change in our life. "Bars" help us to become more and more present in our lives, and the past is no longer reflected in the future in the same way as before. With "bars", we actually change the probability of our future possibilities, which we are ready to change in some way, but we just need to unlock them.

Watch the video below:

- The Effect of Access Bars on Anxiety and Depression - with Dr. Dain Heer and dr. Terrie Hope

- Access Bars with neuroscientist dr. Fannin's

Do you want:

• less worries

• less workload

• less stress

• easier coping with stressful situations

• more personal and business successes

• more ease

• more choices

• the ability to see new possibilities in life

• the ability to achieve new changes in life

• more everything…


Are you ready to create a different reality?


It can help different people in different ways:

• greater mental clarity

• increases the feeling of peace and lightness

• eliminates insomnia

• eliminates fatigue

• relieves stress

• eliminates the feeling of heaviness

• eliminates difficult / compulsive / intrusive thoughts

• opens a space of awareness in your life

and much more

What can you expect?

Access Bars® treatment lasts approximately 60 - 75 minutes and is completely safe. After about 15 minutes of performing the "bars treatment", the brain goes into a state of deep relaxation or Theta state, which allows your internal mechanisms to be activated in the body and a space of awareness opens up. "Barse" can be received by children, pregnant women, elderly people, in short, anyone. "Bars" treatments are not limited in time and can be received daily if you wish and choose. The worst thing that can happen to you after an Access Bars® treatment is that you'll feel like you've had a good massage, but the best thing is that your life will begin to change into something bigger and more effortless.

Karmen Seražin -

I invite you to try the Access bars treatment on yourself and allow yourself to choose new options for yourself.

For treatment you can order at

 Select Access Barstreatment for yourself or give it as a gift for your loved ones 


Price for 1 individual treatment duration approx.60 – 75 minis €60

You can settle the service in person when you come to the first treatment or transfer TRR ( we will agree when you send your inquiry). If you want to choose 3 or 5 treatments,  I will consider  15% discountwhen renting / paying in advance. 

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