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Price-list of services

Vibrations of the soul - Karmen Seražin sp


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Energy treatment 

& counseling

(assembled by agreement)


Notes to the price list

Vibrations of the soul - Karmen Seražin sp


Individual regression - regression therapy worth €100 is charged service even if after 1 hour the regression itself / insight into past experiences does not succeed. In the event that we fail after 1 hour, I offer the option of repeating the regression (free of charge within 6 months from the date of the unsuccessful regression), for which you must contact me and agree on a date for repeating the regression.   


Personal conversation - counseling lasting more than 2 hours is charged €100


- If you have already arranged for meditation, regression or other therapy / treatment and the agreed service is carried out, only the agreed service is charged

- If you have already agreed on meditation, regression, therapy / treatment, but after the conversation you decide that you do not want the agreed service, I will bill you for the personal conversation / counseling service at a certain hourly rate stated in this price list 


I provide angel and/or tarot reading / insight into gypsy cards & counselingonlyby e-mail, after prior agreement and paid proforma invoice. Take a lookoffer 

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The price list is valid from 9 June 2022, prices may change without prior notice. I can cancel all events without prior notice. All prices are in euros and include 22% VAT, as we are taxpayers.


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