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Fri, Nov 23


Partizanska cesta 82, Sežana


I will guide you through the most important events in one of your previous lives or your past, with the aim of discovering the causes of traumatic events and karmic connections that affect your life now. The date is only tentative Duration 1:30h - max 2h Price €35

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Datum & Lokacija

Nov 23, 2018, 7:30 PM

Partizanska cesta 82, Sežana, Incubator 6210 Sežana, Slovenia


O dogodku


(according to Jan Erik Sigdell's method)

Due to the limited number of people in the group (max. up to 5 people), registration is MANDATORY>>>

(I take into account the order of applications)

The date of the group regression is only approximate and has been moved to the time of the full moon, which will appear exactly on this day at 7 am. At the time of the full moon, the energies are stronger and thus the regression can also be stronger.

In a group regression, I will guide you through the most important events in a previous life or your past, with the aim of discovering the causes of traumatic events and karmic connections (cause-effect), which affect your life here and now.

Facing and reliving events from the past can naturally provide you with a deeper understanding of your current life and insight into many problems, problems and/or challenges for which you have not yet found answers. Of course, you can get an insight into several key events important to you - depending on your own readiness.

Regression flow:

* first we will go to meet your guide

* I will take you to the childhood of this person, as whom you will relive

* we will go through one meal in that lifetime

* I will lead you into physical contact with another person

* leads to an event where you will experience one very strong emotion

* and then to a situation where you will be with one person who is very close to you

* I will guide you through the process of death itself and then again to the guide, so that you can evaluate the life that you will relive and watch

* and finally we do spiritual healing

It is recommended that you have an intention or the question that will bring you on this journey.

Group regression can also be a kind of preparation for individual regression, as you can get an insight into the technique itself and it is at the same time a less intensive process than individual regression. In this way, you can also check how "ready" you are for such a trip to explore your past.

The group regression is done in a lying position, so be sure to bring a lying mat and, if desired, your own pillow.

I also recommend that you bring a scarf or sleeping glasses (to cover your eyes). Blankets are available at my place, but of course you can also bring your own.


Thank you for your understanding

The regression is led by Karmen Seražin

Location: SEŽANA

Partizanska cesta 82 (Incubator - old Iskra - 1st floor)

Price: €35 (payment at the location)

When: at 7:30 p.m. (if the date changes, I will inform you)

Mandatory registration via the website / link:


or to the e-mail address:

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